Weekly and Monthly Tier / Standings Achievement

Weekly and Monthly Tier / Standings Achievement

Weekly and Monthly keep track of a player’s Rank over time, letting players see who was able to remain consistently high on the Leaderboard. Here’s how they work:

For every day you have a Country Rank, you receive Points based on the HIGHEST RANK you achieved that day. The better your Rank, the more Points you get.

Ex: 1)

  • If you reached #1 in a large country with 5000 available Ranks, you get 5000 Points for that day.

  • If you reached #2, you get 4999 Points.

  • If you reached #5000, you get 1 Point.

Ex: 2)

  • If you reached #1 in a smaller country with 2000 available Ranks, you get 2000 Points for that day.

  • If you reached #2, you get 1999 Points.

  • If you reached #2000, you get 1 Point.

Ex: 3)

  • You reach #1 in a large country (Yay!) Someone knocks you out of #1 into #2 (Boo!) You’ll still get 5000 Points for hitting #1 though. (Yay!)

You only compete against players in your own country, so don’t worry! Players in bigger countries don’t have an advantage.

However, SWITCHING COUNTRIES DISQUALIFIES YOU FOR 3 MONTHS, so don’t make the decision to change your settings lightly.

YOU MUST HAVE A RANK FOR  23 OUT OF 24 HOURS of a day in order to receive Points for that day. It doesn’t matter which hours or how the time is spaced out. Ranks are checked for every five minutes and your Ranked time doesn’t have to be continuous.

Ex: 4) 

  • You start with a Rank, but then you buy a really expensive Pet that makes you drop out of the Rankings. You sell it quickly and get your Rank back.

    • You’re fine. In fact, if you got your Rank back before five minutes, we never even notice it’s gone.

At the end of each week and again at the end of the month, players in each country are ordered by their total Points, with ties broken by the regular Pets Assets Leaderboard. Points holders are given special awards as follows:

  • Players 1-20 receive a MASTER Badge for that month. 

  • Players 21-100 receive DIAMOND

  • Players 101-400 receive GOLD

  • Players 401-1000 receive SILVER

  • Players 1001+ receive BRONZE.

Badges you’ve won will be visible in your profile and Achievements page.

Weekly and Monthly Standings and Badges will also be awarded for the All of hi category. This is calculated in parallel with Country Standings in a manner similar to the current Leaderboard, so again, there is no advantage to being in a large country if you’re trying to get the top tiers.

Note: While both Weekly and Monthly standings are tallied the same way and based on the same metrics, the badges one receives on a weekly basis will not necessarily denote how your standings for the month will be as they are based on different time frames.

For example, it is possible for someone to earn a gold badges for four weeks in a row however only earn silver or lower on the monthly. This is due to the larger ratio of time to points earned and the possibility for other users to have “big days” that push themselves up the rankings and therefore lowers the ranking of those below them.

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