In order to appear as a ranked player on ASSETS leader board you must fulfill at least one of the following requirements:

Your Cash to Asset Ratio must be greater than 10%. 


Value: $10,000 Q
Cash: $3,000 Q
Assets: $16,000 Q

Cash:Asset Ratio -- 3,000/16,000 = 18.75%  The Ratio is greater than 10% ELIGIBLE

OR, for Pets you own, the sum of the Cash must be greater than 15% the sum of their Values.

Ex: John owns these pets:

Ben G
Value: $600 Q
Cash: $100 Q
Assets: $1,000 Q

Frank J
Value: $400 Q
Cash: $100 Q
Assets: $1,500 Q

Value total: $1,000 Q
Cash total: $200 Q

Cash:Values Ratio -- 200/1,000 = 20%  The Ratio is greater than 15% ELIGIBLE


In order to appear as a ranked player on the VALUE leader board your Asset to Value Ratio must be greater than or equal to 45%


Ryan K
Value: $10,000 S
Cash: $3,000 S
Assets: $5,000 S

Value:Assets Ratio -- 5,000/10,000 = 50%  The Ratio is greater than 45% ELIGIBLE

AND, your Cash to Asset Ratio must be greater than or equal to 10% for Pets you own, or the sum of their Cash must be greater than 15% the sum of their Values as shown above.

Note: Country Flags only display when a user is qualified and appears on a leader board. If you do not see a flag this means you are not ranked within the top players for your Country.

If you see a negative symbol where a flag would be located, this means you are not currently eligible to rank. This is because your cash to assets ratio is less than 10% and the Cash/Value ratio of your owned Pets is less than 15%. 

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