My Photo Was Removed / Deleted

My Photo Was Removed / Deleted

While we encourage members to socialize and connect by sharing content, there are a variety of reasons content may be removed by hi5. These include content that:

  • Is sexually explicit;
  • May pose a privacy, security or safety risk;
  • Promotes or glorifies gang activity;
  • Promotes violence;
  • Promotes "Get Rich Quick" schemes or other disallowed business ventures;
  • Promotes any unlawful activity;
  • Is the property of others

The goal of our review staff is to keep hi5 an appropriate place for all users. If you posted an image, comment, tag or other content that was removed, it was deemed by hi5 to violate the Terms of Service and our review guidelines.

Note: As outlined in the Terms of Service, hi5 has the right to remove any content that violates or is otherwise objectionable. All decisions are at the sole and exclusive discretion of hi5.

If you encounter any concerning content while on the site, please click "Report Abuse" and our review team will take a look.

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