My LUV Basics

My LUV Basics

Are you looking to share the LUV, but don't know how? Look no further!

First, each user get 10 LUV everyday. You can acquire extra LUV by purchasing gold to convert. You're LUV does not expire. So if you're saving it for that special someone, go ahead!

There’s few ways you can give LUV. You can visit another user’s profile page or send it from your LUV page.

Profile page:

  1. Go to a user’s Profile
  2. Under their profile photo, you’ll see a LUV meter
  3. Click the heart to see multiple choices
  4. Select the amount and their LUV meter will increase instantly!

LUV page:

The LUV page lists all of your LUV activity. So if you have ever given or received LUV from a user, you’ll find it on this page.

  1. Find the user and select the amount of LUV you want to send them.


Since your LUV page lists all of your LUV activity, this means you can also see when you've received LUV.

When you receive LUV, the activity page will give you an update of how many LUV and an rounded time of when you received the LUV. You’ll also be able to tell that you received LUV due to a small arrow at the bottom of the Heart. If you don’t see an arrow, that means you sent the LUV. Clicking “View More” will give you a detailed history between you and the other user.

An added bonus of LUV is not only do you earn points for giving it out, but the recipient gets points too!

There are two ways to gain points for LUV:

  • Each time you give LUV you'll earn points.
LUV SentPoints 
125 Points
250 Points
1003,250 Points
1,00035,000 Points
5,000187,500 Points
25,0001,000,000 Points
  • Everytime you receive LUV you'll earn points too!:
LUV ReceivedPoints 
110 Points
220 Points
1001,100 Points
1,00012,000 Points
5,00065,000 Points
25,000350,000 Points


PLUS (there’s more)! Each time you send LUV, the recipient will be given LUV to share even more!

LUV ReceivedLUV to Share
10 LUV
21 LUV
10050 LUV
1,000600 LUV
5,0003,500 LUV
25,00020,000 LUV

If I give Laura 100 LUV I get 3,250 points, she gets 1,100 points and 50 LUV. Laura can give out that 50 LUV to me or whomever she chooses.


LUV Meter:

Points expire after 7 days. This means your meter may fluctuate as you send and receive LUV. When you refresh your page, you may notice a difference in the meter. That maybe due to points expiring before the refresh.

Now that you know all about it, go on and share the LUV!

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