Gift Cash

Gift Cash

If you’re a Tagged/hi5-ranked Pet who owns another Tagged/hi5-ranked Pet, you’ll have the opportunity to give that Pet a gift of Pets Cash. This allows your Pet’s Value to increase.

The Gift Cash feature is only available when both your Pet profile and a Pet you own are currently Ranked players (top 10,000 by Assets).

If the Gift Cash button does not show on your Pet page, it means that either you or the Pet you would like to Give Cash to are not currently Ranked in the top 10,000 by Assets, and thus the feature is not available.

Note: You will see a message asking you to Confirm the Gift if the transaction will take you out of ranking eligibility.

You may only perform 10 Pets Cash Gift transactions in a given 24-hour period. These can be all given to one Pet, or split between multiple Pets, but cannot exceed 10 transactions in a given 24 hours.

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