Clicking on links / Avoid Phishing

Clicking on links / Avoid Phishing

First,  our best advice to avoid 'phishing' is:

Don't Click '3rd Party' Links


Report, then Delete the Suspicious Messages!


What is 'Phishing'?

Phishing is one type of online identity theft. Phishing uses several techniques, including email and fake websites, to try and steal your personal information. In the case of Tagged, this can mean the log in credentials to your Tagged account, along with the personal information contained therein.

Crooks may send millions of fake email messages with links to fraudulent websites that appear to come from websites you trust, like for example,, and ask that you provide personal information, such as the email address and password registered to your Tagged account. Criminals can and will use this information, if obtained, to gain access to your private online data for their own illegal purposes.


How can I identify a 'Phishing' message?

You can learn to see through a 'phishing' scam by being familiar with some of the common indicators and clues that are present in these scam messages.

Scam messages may contain the following give-aways:

  • Misspellings and poor grammer
  • Promises to award prizes, or 'money for nothing'
  • Messages threatening to close your account unless you verify data
  • Requests for a charitable donation
  • Requests that you download safe or useful-sounding software
  • Requests to click a link that takes you outside of Tagged


OK, but what do they look like?

Here is an example of what a phishing scam message might look like:


I am a representative for Tagged's promotions team and you have been randomly chosen to participate in our most active members apple ipad 3 give-away, supported by Tagged's advertising team!

This is a limited time offer, navigate to  =>

You're not obligated to anything, just be certain to that you left people know about our incentives =). Thanks for your your participation!"


Another type of phishing scam may appear as a blank message with only a suspicious link, like this:  awake work party

Keep in mind there are many different types of scams, and new ones appear frequently. If you see a suspicious message promising something that sounds too good to be true, or asking you to 'click here' or 'visit this link', play it safe and don't click any links!


OK, I've got it...don't click what should I do? 

We encourage you to both Report any suspicious messages to Tagged, and then Delete them from your profile.

We will investigate any reports and remove suspicious content when we find it, and your report helps us to identify these scams.

To report, then delete any suspicious messages you receive, use the 'Report Abuse' and 'Delete' buttons found in the Unified Message Center. 

If you believe you have been the victim of a phishing message on Tagged and need further assistance, please contact us.

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