Cash Runs: Last Buyer / Assets

Cash Runs: Last Buyer / Assets

By becoming the new owner repeatedly during the cash run you will earn a profit. The advantage of cash runs is that you have the option to get at least 50% of your investment back immediately after being 'stuck' with the pet (being the last buyer). 

Many users refer to being the last buyer in a cash run as 'winning', however if you don't want to risk a cash loss, it's best to avoid being the last buyer. 

If you are the last buyer in the run then your cash decreased in the amount of the Value of the chest. Keeping the cash or spinning the wheel is based on the Cash--not the Value!


Check out this  breakdown:

If You......You Receive:
Keep The cash:Cash Value of Chest
Lose on your first spin:nothing
Win then keep the cash:Cash Value of Chest X 2
Win then spin again and lose:nothing
Win then spin again and win: Cash Value of Chest X 4

Don't forget that your Cash already decreased due to being the last buyer!

If You......You Receive:
Keep The cash:50% of your investment back
Lose on your first spin:0% of your investment back
Win then keep the cash:100% of your investment back
Win then spin again and lose:0% of your investment back
Win then spin again and win: 200% of your investment back


How does the roulette wheel work? Well all roulette spins are determined using the best random number generator that modern technology will allow. Our system is much more random than a mechanical roulette system at a casino.

With every spin there is a 48.65% chance that the outcome will be Red, 48.65% that it will be Black and 2.7% chance that it will be Green. The odds are very similar to flipping a coin.

The probablity of getting 10 spins in a row of the same color is about 1 in 1,000. This means that this occurrence is rare compared to routine events, but it will happen much much more frequently than truly rare events like winning the lottery (the chances of winning the Powerball Lottery is 1 in 175, 223,510!).

This means you should expect to see with reasonable frequency 10 spins in a row that are of the same color.


How does this all affect my cash?  As the chest in cash runs is not an account on the site, your Assets do not increase when you are the new owner or last buyer of a cash run. 

Your Assets are the sum of your cash and the purchase price of your currently owned pets.

When you are the last buyer your Assets decrease due to a loss of cash. As the last buyer the sum of the purchase prices of your currently owned pets does not increase as the cash chest is not an account on the site. This is a difference between participating in a cash run and a tradition pet run. 

Cash runs only affects your Cash amount. Any change reflected in your Assets is due to an increase or loss of cash.

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