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Everyone can earn special cash bonuses just for playing Pets!

Login Bonus:

The login bonus credits every 4 hours for logging in and playing. This bonus can vary depending on how many Pets you own at the time of login. The more Pets you own, the higher your bonus will be!

Purchase Bonus:

The purchase bonus credits for the first 5 purchases you make each day. The bonus is random, but you can earn big each time!

All bonuses are immediately added to your cash total. This means the bonus is added to your total immediately upon logging in (login bonus) or is already pre-calculated into your first purchases (purchase bonus).

To see a list of the current bonus awards just scroll down the Pets Home page to "Instructions" located right below your "My Pets" list and click on "Tips"

Note: We update purchase and login bonuses from time to time. While there can be discrepancies during updates, please know the amount you see listed for the bonus is correct at the time it is awarded.

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