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If you’re a Tagged/hi5-ranked Pet who owns another Tagged/hi5-ranked Pet, you’ll have the option to buy that Pet back over and over. This allows your Pet’s Value to increase, as well as your Assets (Cash + Total Pet Values).

 - The Buy Again feature is only available when both your Pet profile and your 'Buy Again' partner are Ranked players.

 - If the Buy Again button does not show on your Pets page, it means that either you or your Buy Again partner are not currently Ranked, and thus the feature is not available.

For all 'Buy Again' transactions:

Each time you buy that Pet again you’ll simply pay the difference between the current value and the new value, instead of the whole value of the Pet. That's not all! You’ll be paying a smaller amount of cash to increase the value. As always, the profit is split between the owner and the Pet.

To take full advantage of this feature, it is best used when both Pets are buying one another to maximize benefits. This means each player’s Cash and Assets will increase through game play!

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