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As Pets player, you can choose to set yourself free from your owner. You can also choose to set free any Pets you own.

When setting yourself free, you purchase yourself using Pets cash, therefore your Pets cash will decrease in the amount of your current value. That said, any Pets player may subsequently buy you at any time after you have set yourself free.

  • Pet clicks 'set free' and confirms the action.
  • Pet pays in cash an amount equal to the current value of the pet.  
  • The owner directly receives the cash paid by the pet (and loses this exact amount in assets).  It ends up being a net-zero transaction for the owner.
  • The process of the pet setting himself free is almost as if the pet bought himself, but not quite.
    • Afterwards, the pet's value goes up 10%.
    • But neither the previous owner nor the pet receives a 5% profit bonus.

Setting a pet free releases it from your ownership. A pet you set free will not have an owner until another player buys the pet. Please remember that when you set a pet free, you will lose the cash spent on the Pet and will not be reimbursed for taking that action.

  • Owner clicks "set free" and confirms the action, thus freeing their pet.  
  • Owner loses in assets the amount equal to the current value of the pet.  No cash is spent or lost.
  • The pet's cash and assets are not affected.  The pet now has no owner.

After any pet has been set free, the pet has no owner:

  • This can happen either after a set-free action or when the pet first starts the game.
  • When a pet without an owner is bought, there are no profit-based bonuses.
    • For the buyer, there can be a purchase bonus (if it's one of the first 5 purchases of the day).
    • For a new pet, the buyer can receive a first to own bonus.
    • Pet's value still goes up 10%.
    • When the pet is next purchased, then the former owner and the pet each get 5% of the pet's former value.

Please note: Choosing to set yourself or a Pet free results in permanent cash loss for the action. Users will not regain cash once you or the Pet is purchased again.

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