Ghost Pets

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When an account is deactivated, it becomes a 'Ghost Pet'

  • Ghost Pets are Pets with auto-generated names like 'Happy Ghost Pet #123456", etc.  They still function like normal Pets, but are essentially non-playable characters.
  • Deleted Pets retain their cash, value and history when they become 'Ghost Pets'. Stats are not reset.  Instead, they remain associated with the account.  If the account is reinstated, the user will still have all of their cash and value, as well as any profits earned from Pet sales while in the deleted state
  • Cash, Assets, Last Purchase, Last Active, the Quick Message box and all communication links do not display. 'Ghost Pets' only display Value, Pets and Wishers fields on their Pets page

If you have a ghost pet you can set it free or wait for it to be bought by another user.

If your owner is a ghost pet, you can set yourself free from that owner or wait to be bought by another user.

Note: Please remember if you choose to set a pet or yourself free, you will not be reimbursed for the action.

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