Pets Player is Lying, Cheating and Scamming Other Users

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We remind you to be careful when interacting with other players. You have worked hard raising your cash, assets and value. Do not let it go to waste! 

We understand that this is frustrating, however the following situations do not violate our Terms of Service:

  • When another player decides to buy your pet, regardless of the words 'No Buy' perhaps being in the display name
  • When another player asks you to buy their pet, promises to buy it back but does not buy it back
  • When another player does not send you the 'keys' (email address and password) to an account after participating in a key pet run

Time will tell if your new hi friend is a trustworthy player who abides by the same rules as you. If you are ever in doubt about a player's intentions, follow your gut.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself before helping out another player:

  • How would you feel if this player didn't buy the pet back? 
  • Can you afford to spend this cash with the risk that you won't earn it back?
  • Have you bought Gold? Treat it like cash in your wallet.
  • Do you have a funny feeling about this? If so, trust your instincts.
If a user is harassing you, please click the 'Report Abuse' link next to the violating content. 
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