Report a Photo Comment

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If you find someone has commented on a photo you or another user uploaded and it is in violation of the Terms of Service, please report it by following these steps:

  1. Go to the photo comment you wish to report
  2. Move your mouse (cursor) over the comment module
  3. Click on the “Report Abuse” link that appears in the upper right corner of the comment box (where the posting date used to show before you moved the mouse over it)
  4. Select a Reason from the list
  5. (If Required) Enter additional info to describe why you are reporting this user.  Please be as specific as possible (e.g. "This user sent me a photo comment with a link to and told me to contact them at to claim my winnings of $10,000")
  6. When you've completed the entire form, click the 'Submit' button

If a comment appears on one of your own photos, a prompt will appear after reporting it giving you the option of deleting the comment.

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