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If you wish to change your profile picture, follow these steps:

  • Hover your mouse over the ‘More’ tab in the top nav bar and select ‘Photos’ from the drop down list
  • To use one of your previous photos choose the ‘Use one of my photos’ link, then place your cursor over the photo you would like to use and click the small green ‘#1’ box when it appears.

** If you wish to use a new image as your profile photo, upload the image to your photo gallery, and then click the small green “#1” box on the photo

** If you are viewing one of your photos individually, you can also set it as your profile photo by hovering over it and clicking the same green "#1" button.  You may also edit the caption and comment on your photo in this view.


You can also change your profile photo by doing the following:

  • From the top nav bar click the ‘Profile’ tab then select the ‘Edit Profile’ link to the left of your profile picture.
  • To upload a photo from your computer, click the “Browse” button, select the image you wish to use, and then click “Upload”.
  • To upload a photo using an image URL address, click the “Add from image URL” link, paste the URL address into the field, and click “Add Photo”.
  • To use a photo from your gallery, click the “Use one of my photos” link to open a thumbnail gallery of your uploaded images.  Click on a thumbnail to set that image as your profile photo.
  • After selecting a photo, you can alter its thumbnail by the marquee box by dragging the “anchor” points of the box.  When you are finished, click "Save Thumbnail"
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