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If you own a pet and want like to keep them a little longer, you can purchase a Pets Lock and place them under a lock for 1 DAY, 7 DAYS, or 28 DAYS.

A Pets Lock allows one player’s Pets account to be “locked” to another player’s Pets account. When a Pet is locked it cannot be purchased by another player.

Lock Packages:

  • 1 Day for 1,000 gold
  • 7 Days for 5,000 gold
  • 28 Days for 20,000 gold

The Lock feature is available for pets you own. If you do not see the option on the pet, this means you need to buy the pet first.

Buying a pet does not mean it is under lock. The lock can only be placed once the pet has been bought.

Also, you can place a lock on yourself, provided you do not have an owner. If you're unable to lock yourself, this means you need to be set free from your current owner.

Any pet under a lock can be released prior to the lock expiration by the owner or by selecting to do so themselves. Note: We're unable to offer refunds or reimbursements for locks that are lifted prior to expiration.

For information on How-To use the Pets lock feature, please check out our Full Site, iOS, and Android FAQs.

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